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And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling.

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not your kind of girl; 12.22.13
[By: Julie Martinez]
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I hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with.

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You realize you are not alone, right? No one in their twenties has life figured out. It’s okay to be a mess. You’re living.

Things my therapist told me today that almost made me burst out into tears. I need to remember this more often. (via betterfailings)

I crave your legs intertwined with mine, I crave nothing but you, in the most simplest of ways.

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“oh yeah let’s go out today oh oops first i have to walk through this water with seastars ok” 

i’d just lie there in the water 

I’d love this actually

i think you mean starfish